A matter of cleanliness: pool cleaner with xiros ball bearings ensures a clean floor


Radial deep groove ball bearings from igus grant pool cleaners a steady and powerful underwater operation

When the summer months arrive, it’s time to get the pool in the garden back in shape. But pool lovers know one problem: the dirt of leaves and moss accumulating over the winter months is difficult to remove. The Poolwonder Turbo XL now provides a remedy. The xiros radial deep groove ball bearings from igus allow a smooth operation. The lubrication-free and maintenance-free polymer ball bearings are impressive for their light weight, long service life and corrosion resistance.

When spring approaches, it’s time to clean the pool again. The new pool cleaner Poolwonder Turbo XL weighs just 1.4 kilograms and, with a suction width of 40 centimetres, easily picks up sand, leaves or dirt from the pool floor. The battery-operated model fits on any telescopic rod with a clip system and 30-millimetre diameter and is suitable for the daily cleaning of swimming pools spread up to 50 square metres. Due to the specialised field of application under water, Poolwonder chose to install components that are free of corrosion and maintenance. Here, the xiros polymer ball bearing made of high-performance plastic from igus displays its advantages.

Corrosion resistance with xiros B180 polymer ball bearings

The xiros B180 polymer ball bearing is used in the Poolwonder Turbo XL as an additional guidance for the motor shaft below the propeller. All products in the xiros range are lubrication-free as also xirodur B180. Since lubricants cannot be washed out or decomposed by external factors, the environment is not contaminated. In addition, the bearings are also suitable for tight installation spaces. With the Poolwonder, the bearing is enclosed between two seals, which would make re-lubrication difficult. Furthermore, the xirodur material convinces with high durability and corrosion resistance. This makes the polymer ball bearings specifically suitable for applications such as that of the pool cleaner. The xirodur B180 radial deep groove ball bearings are suitable for use in the temperature range of -40 to +80 degrees Celsius and for shaft diameters of 3 to 60 millimetres. The ball bearings from igus have already proven themselves in the model Poolwonder Turbo XL. Further areas of application for xiros B180 radial deep groove ball bearings range from vacuum and packaging up to household appliances and cleanroom technology.

In the following video you can see how xiros polymer ball bearings are tested in the igus test lab spread over 2,750 square metres: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ky6QqFjSOM

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