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As battery-powered applications such as electric vehicles become more widespread, global demand for high-performance batteries, such as lithium-ion batteries, is also increasing. The challenge in manufacturing modern batteries is to maximize their energy density, reduce their manufacturing costs and extend their useful life. To achieve these goals, sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used throughout the entire manufacturing process. They perform various measurement tasks for machine monitoring, thickness control and quality assurance.

Modern battery cells should offer performance as well as being environmentally friendly and sustainable on the road. The long-term goal is to move cars, buses, vans, as well as construction machinery and trucks away from fossil fuels and towards electric drives based on battery and fuel cell technology. The revolution of previous drives has long been heralded, and the production processes are running at full speed. To increase the performance of energy storage devices while saving valuable resources, manufacturing processes are becoming increasingly complex. This requires innovative, high precision sensors that monitor the automated manufacturing processes inline.

A lithium-ion cell passes through many stations before final assembly. Production can be divided into three main process stages: electrode fabrication, cell assembly, as well as formation and aging. Sensors from Micro-Epsilon are used in all important process stages to solve various measurement tasks. Micro-Epsilon offers a wide product range with the largest variety of physical measurement methods for precise displacement and distance measurements. What makes it special is that all of Micro-Epsilon’s sensor technologies are developed, manufactured and distributed in-house. Therefore, customer-specific adjustments to the sensors can also be implemented if required.


Micro-Epsilon offers a worldwide unique range of sensors, measurement systems and customized inspection systems in Europe. The wide product range, which is based on different measurement principles, is ideal for the production processes in demanding battery production. Micro-Epsilon’s high-precision sensors reliably measure displacement, distance, position, inclination, acceleration, color and temperature in order to achieve robot-assisted 3D inspection of both matt and glossy surfaces using high-tech inspection systems.

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