We look forward to a Strong 2018 performance, Shavo Technologies Pvt Ltd


Q. You are a name to reckon with in the field of AIR COMPRESSORS. What precisely is your niche?
Shavo has been supporting the Indian Market with Oil-free Air Compressors since more than three decades through our Principals GAST Manufacturing Corporation, one of the world leaders in small Pumps and Compressors upto 2 HP.
We are at the leading edge in design and manufacture of Oil Free Compressors to meet the challenging applications of our OEMs. We support critical applications in the Medical Packaging, Environmental and many other industries that require Pumps that can be operated 24 / 7 delivering optimal performance with reliability.

Q. What are the product / technological innovations you have showcased recently?
Most recently, we have released our new 86-87 Series of Compressor Systems which has set out to dramatically reduce sound, increase life and reliability, improve aesthetics and also create a compact footprint for easy retrofit. These new Compressors have a patented crossover chamber design, dampening the sound and optimizing performance while delivering a wide range of pressure level options. Our Pumps and Compressors have unmatched reliability coupled with a comprehensive product portfolio to service our wide customer base.

Q. Would you like to share any differentiated offer you could make to the end user with tangible benefits?
GAST has been an innovator in the design and manufacture of quality air moving products since 1921. Our range of technologies allow us to be industry leaders and innovators as is evident from our latest pump design which offered the longest life locking Piston Compressor on the market. We go by our motto ‘Designed to Perform, Built to Last.’

Q. Have you planned any customer engagement programs or expansion plans as a part of your growth strategy?
Shavo has planned a number of Customer Seminars and exhibitions in 2018 as part of our scaling up programme to achieve our 2020 goals. We have recently moved into a new 7500 Sq.Feet facility in Pune which will allow us to expand our Sales & Engineering Team as well as our Service and Repair

Q. What’s the shape of things to come in your field which would be exciting and trendsetting?
We have seen robust growth in our Pumps and Compressor Business with more customers opting for quality and reliability over price and as the macro economic situation improves, we look forward to a strong 2018 performance wherein reliability and low sound remain our key drivers.

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