Trio Motion Technology: changing the dynamics of motion control business


Q. Being the key player in automation technology space, please brief us about recent initiatives undertaken in the Motion & Servo product business? Which are your focus areas?

Trio Motion Technology India is a motion specialist and has recently worked on developments with the Internet of Things (IoT). We’ve used digitalization to control and manage the movement of servo drives and motors, as well as integrating robotics. Alongside partners in IT, we’ve also involved cloud computing to collect data from machine processes, enabling improved operational analysis.

With these developments under the Make in India initiative, Trio India has worked cohesively with machine builders to develop machines that are more efficient, reliable, and more productive with a faster time to market. This enables machine builders to have a competitive edge in the marketplace.

For Trio India, our major focus includes packaging machines for the FMCG market (fast moving consumer goods, such as snacks and drinks), as well as SPM (cutting , textile printing , CNC ) applications. This is supported by a strong portfolio of motion coordinators (also known as motion controllers) servo systems, I/O, and robotics.

Q. Please brief us about company’s global reach & what are the global alliances that have been made in order to out-front the competition?

Trio Motion Technology was founded in the UK in 1987, designing and manufacturing motion control solutions. Since then, Trio remains the motion specialist, and its capability has broadened. Today, Trio provides a complete automation solution for machine builders.

Trio’s geographical focus is worldwide, with manufacturing sites, R&D, applications development, and support, across North America, Europe, and Asia. As part of the global expansion, Trio India was established over a decade and benefits from extensive support across Trio’s worldwide network.

Q. What are the market prospects for Trio Motion Technology products in India? How do you plan to position these products?

According to forecasts, the Indian motion control market is expected to achieve rapid growth in the coming years. Motion solutions have a significant market share, and the growth is fueled through the thought process of machine builders shifting from simple to performance to high performance machines. This was increasingly driven by the needs of the End User due to the pandemic, and this trend of technology driven automation is set to continue.
Trio’s advanced motion solutions are a best fit for the present and future , thereby positioning our solutions for a simple machine with one or two axes, as well as performance machines with three to six axes, through to high performance machines with up to 128 axes.
Trio India has a decade of expertise in the Motion Control market and Machine Builders prefer us as OEMs partner of choice .

Q. What is your marketing strategy for India?

We focus on marketing activities including brand promotion by participating at key exhibitions and forums. For us, face to face communication with people and our customer base is crucial. As a result, we’ve also expanded our presence by establishing satellite offices across India, alongside the appointment of automation partners. We also host Machine Builders to experience the power of TRIO Motion at our Technology Lab in Pune .

Communicating via digital channels, including networks such as LinkedIn (@Trio Motion Technology), complete information including technical documentation is available on our website

Q. Product innovation through R&D is vital to be forrader in the competition. As per your opinion, how does R&D plays the role of catalyst in the success process?

R&D is crucial to Trio’s strategy, and as a result, we do good percentage of investment and aggressively pursue new development opportunities. This is combined with an agile approach that achieves a shorter product development time . As a result, we’ve been able to recently launch new servo drives, including the advanced DX4 and the compact, multi-axis DX5, as well as a range of SCARA robots.

Fast time to market in applications development is also a key benefit for the customer. At Trio India, this is achieved with our methodology of template based programming. New applications, specific to bespoke requirements, can be developed far more quickly than would otherwise be possible.

Q. What are the factors affecting to your business?

Today, increasing numbers of machine builders are developing smart machines to have a cutting edge over competition. This means they look for a partner who can provide economic, reliable and efficient control solutions for their machines.
Customer satisfaction is the epi-center for the success of our business. In addition to the technology advancements we continue to bring to market, 24/7 technical support is also vital to keep OEM machines up and running. Supply chain management plays a vital role, especially to meet today’s increasing electronic component availability challenges.

Q. What are the key technological trends that are driving the industrial automation & motion control industry?

The Indian manufacturing sector is transforming and the journey has already started. After the pandemic, the industry has witnessed a shift from manual assistance to automated handling, reinforcing the transfer to smart industrial automation. In combination with cloud computing, data security is also key.

Alongside these developments, industrial robotics plays an increasingly important role to speed up manufacturing processes and make them more efficient. To achieve this, the seamless integration of robots with a machine is key. This is where the concept of a single controller for a machine, motion, and robots, has a unique advantage as it significantly speeds up development time and increases reliability in the field.

Q. How do you perceive the future of the automation technology industry?

Indian manufacturing sector is transforming & the journey has already started. After Pandemic, the industry is witnessing a shift from manual assistance to automated handling, thus giving rise to the term “smart industrial automation”.
This has paved the way for key technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Industrial Robotics, cyber security etc . According to me growing demand for industrial robots in manufacturing processes and ease of use and integration of components within motion control systems are few of the primary factor driving the motion control market growth

Q. What is your vision for Trio Motion technology India Pvt Ltd for near future?

We are the motion specialist. Our vision is to breathe life into machines, providing innovative technical solutions and 24*7 customer support. This translates into having strong customer intimacy, helping Indian machine builders develop smarter, more reliable machines. This will help Indian machine builders achieve the growing demands of End users, with optimized control technology that can increase machine throughput and performance.

Q. Please let us know the issues you need to address that are related to automation industry?

We are witnessing frequent and fast changes happening in this modern era. In the Indian context, the use of low-end technology and a “Chalta Hai” mindset at the bottom of the pyramid must change.

Q. What is your advice to Indian SMEs to achieve global competitiveness?

We all have to raise the bar, which calls for choosing and retaining relationships with technology-oriented partners.
Instead of focusing on a passive supplier and those who provide ‘commodity’ products, as a machine builder should share the vision with a technology partner that can help achieve goals.

Ultimately, smarter , higher productivity, more reliable machines, supported by premium-level service, are the value -adds that a Machine builders can provide to End Users .

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