Rollon Speedy Rail for Movikom: When a successful synergy creates a show

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How to resume a football match without losing the details, catching every emotion, moving quickly with the players, even if the weather gets worse and it starts to rain? Imagine a camera mounted on linear guides with strokes without limits of length, self-supporting, silent, able to work even in unfavorable environmental conditions. This is what Rollon, a leading company in the linear motion sector, and Movikom, specialized in film shooting, have created together, putting technology at the service of the show.

The Russian company Movikom is a developer and manufacturer focusing on robotic and mechatronic equipment dedicated to special cameras used in live broadcasting, outside or studio production. The interest for robotics first emerged in the lab of the university but soon the founders understood that their respective know-how deserved more active and practical application. Initially, they took part in various technical contests, like the Robot Football World Cup. Later they created modules for various robot systems and this helped to develop their own robotic platform, which was a good product and had a great demand.

Movikom modules are being used in cinematography. In the beginning a camera crew asked to create a truck remote control system for them, which would allow for shooting complicated stunts, like having the truck fall into a river, not engaging any stuntmen. That was the first time Movikom had to deal with camera platforms. Further on they had more and more projects coming, which had to do with TV and film production. So they had to develop their special product for this industry – the Robycam winches-based camera platform with advanced 3D motion control. Currently, this product, along with other solutions, is being used for shooting sport, cultural and other events all over the globe.

All Movikom products are engineered to become parts of higher-level systems and are therefore easy to integrate into existing or future production systems or, say, into the infrastructure of a stadium. Production and integration companies appreciate a lot this advantage.


Movikom made acquaintance with Rollon, specialized in linear motion solutions, during an exhibition: when they needed guides for a track-based camera movement system, they decided to contact Rollon. Movikom required a long single rail, solid enough to reliably carry a camera. This was also a safety requirement, since during filming the camera movement speed could be up to 10 meters a second. The Rollon solution was in line with all the technical requirements. The Robyrail system they were manufacturing was intended for permanent installation in a stadium in the city of Minsk, Republic of Belarus. It was a matter of having to quickly mount the guides along the whole football field obtaining a discrete, non-invasive presence. The operation had to be silent, so as not to interfere with the audio and had to be optimal with any weather conditions. There was no time to deal with demanding alignments or maintenance, reliability had to be maximum and immediate: Speedy Rail offered a perfect answer to all needs.

The first consideration, when Movikom choosen Rollon like a partner, was that only a few suppliers could offer comparable single-rail guides. For Robyrail, a single-track-based camera movement system, they need to make sure that the gyro-stabilized camera head, which is moving along this single track, remains as stable as possible. Good camera head on-the-track stability means smooth camera movement, which is crucial for a stable picture. Since the RobyHead R3 camera head they were going to use had new drive motors, capable of moving the camera with very high velocity, a high-quality shooting would be impossible without truly ultimatistic camera stabilization and the Rollon Speedy Rail was part of what made such stabilization possible. Movikom appreciated the very long strokes of the Speedy Rail product and also the high quality of service Rollon specialists offered: they performed additional calculations, consulted the Italian office, gave prompt replies to the questions, brought product samples and were always ready to help. And, indeed, the products themselves are of highest quality: the system created using Rollon products fears neither bad weather nor aging.


Speedy Rail by Rollon is a self-supporting system, of high durability (over 80,000 km), easy to disassemble and reassemble thanks to the practical self-aligning junction kit, which offers the possibility of realizing long runs (there are no limits), on a modular basis, with changes and increases possible even after years. It is uniquely quiet during sliding and able to work in total absence of maintenance, even outdoors and in particularly critical environmental conditions. On the Speedy Rail guides, consisting of self-supporting double cuspid structural aluminum profiles, a special hard anodizing treatment is carried out, which gives them the same hardness of hardened steels, guaranteeing a very long service life. On the Speedy Rail surfaces slide steel wheels covered with a special plastic compound that allows sliding speeds of over 15m / s with a particularly low noise level. The Speedy Rail guide systems and wheels are thus able to work even in environments with a strong presence of impurities (glass and ceramic powders, sparks, wood, etc) and in a wide temperature range, from -30°C to + 80°C. In the stainless steel and plastic compound versions also with exposure to the weather without any protection.

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