VARIMETER RCM: Reliably identify current faults!, DOLD Electric India

Increased availability of machines and devices


The residual current monitor RN 5883 of the VARIMETER RCM family from DOLD, sensitive to all universal currents, records current faults either with DC or AC components in earthed supply systems (type B). Through early recognition of insulation faults, the RN 5883 provides a preventative service and maintains machines and devices. System downtime and production disruptions can consequently be avoided. The residual current measurement takes place over an external current transformer.

The residual current monitor RN 5883 provides an informational advantage for specific and cost-effective maintenance – before the machine stop working. As well as the clearly visible LED chain for measured residual current, the LEDs indicate operational status, pre-alarm and alarm. In addition, the device indicates test functions and optional analogue output through breakage.

This residual current monitor finds its place in fourfold usage, and increases the availability of energy supply whilst simultaneously minimising the risk of fire. Devices, in which current faults can occur due to porous cables, moisture or dust deposits, will be reliably monitored with the RN 5883. Examples of application include building automation, data centres, traffic engineering, climate and air conditioning devices.

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