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Almost every industry requires the measurement of certain parameters to keep the processes running. However, the traditional approach of measurements in industries require a lot of time and effort. The engineer/contractor needs to physically take the measuring instrument at the location to get the real-time values, again for report generation he must carry the instrument back to the workstation, connect it to his system to download the measurement readings which furthermore consumes additional time and effort.

Testo has always strived to develop and provide solutions that makes the work simpler, better and reliable. Also, the latest trends and advancements from the digitization of the working system plus the increasing application necessities are calling for solutions that are intuitive and smart. In that very regard Testo, extends its range of digital measurement solutions with the new Testo Smart Probes. These innovative, pocket-sized pro measuring instruments can be intuitively operated by smartphone via a free App, and transported in a space-saving case. They are suitable for all important temperature, humidity, pressure and flow velocity measurements. Now the users can measure, record and generate reports very easily even from the measurement site which reduces their efforts & time and increases efficiency.

Here is the range of Testo Smart probes at a Glance:

Smart Clamp thermometer testo 115i for measuring flow and return temperatures
Smart Thermal anemometer testo 405i measures air flow velocities, temperatures and volume flows
Smart Vane anemometer testo 410i for measuring air flow velocity, volume flow and temperature
Smart Differential pressure gauge testo 510i measures gas flow and static pressure along with determining air flow velocity and volume flow
Smart High-pressure gauge testo 549i for measuring high and low pressure
Smart Thermal hygrometer testo 605i measures air temperature and relative humidity
Smart Infrared thermometer testo 805i for non-contact IR measurement of surface temperature with 8-point laser circle spot marking
Smart Thermometer testo 905i for measuring ambient temperature as well as the temperature in ducts and air outlets

One App – Eight measuring devices – a lot of advantages

  • Monitor measured data wirelessly, e.g. during system adjustments.
  • Show measured values of up to six smart probes at the same time.
  • Monitor changes using trending as graph or table
  • Save and send measured values as .pdf or excel on Android smartphones.
  • Simple user interface, as capabilities of smart device are used (e.g. touch screen)
  • All needed measuring parameters in one handy case
  • Price-attractive Refrigeration, Air conditioning and Heating sets available

The new Smart Probes from Testo are the ideal entry-level instruments for a user with an enthusiasm for technology and for measurement professionals who do not wish to carry all their equipment with them always. Reduced human efforts is assured with these instruments which ultimately saves your time, improves accuracy & your efficiency, reduces downtime of facilities and reduces errors, which is almost everything you seek.

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