Panduit Launches ITE Adjustable Depth 4 Post Rack


Panduit has launched its Adjustable Depth 4 Post Rack, designed to support network equipment in data centre and telecommunication environments. The rack combines the stability of a cabinet with the accessibility of an open rack to provide the user with maximum flexibility when designing the network layout. Upgrading active equipment in telecommunication rooms and data centres often requires a deeper rack than standard supplied units, which the Panduit 4 Post Rack system provides.

The adjustable depth 4 Post Rack system allows maximum versatility in a single part number. Additional mounting holes in the posts allow for various accessories to be attached, such as PDU brackets, vertical patch panel brackets and vertical tie-off brackets to create greater application flexibility.

  • Strength and flexibility in a multiple depth rack for wide range of network requirements
  • Rack versatility offers the capability to extend to provide almost 80% capacity increase
  • Available as 45RU or 52RU and capable of accepting 19” EIA equipment

The enterprise adjustable rack, has the capability to adjust the depth of the rack to fit specific network needs. Each rack has 39 different depth options from 584mm  to 1066mm in 13mm increments. This provides flexibility while keeping cabinets clean and organised. The adjustable rack can be assembled in minutes and is self-squaring when assembled with the option of eight different masked grounding locations at all corners of the rack. The rack’s feet face inward to minimise footprint, remove trip hazards and improved safety risk.

Panduit LogoAvailable in Black and White as standard, the rack has a UL load capacity of 907kg offering a highly adaptable rack and cable management system to manage and protect organisations’ network investment.

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