First Social Humanoid Robot


Technovanza flooded with aspiring minds, with over 40,000 people visiting the campus on sunday.

The campus was graced by the presence of Sophia -The first social humanoid robot. She was activated at 10 am in the morning and was taken out to the exhibition, where she interacted with the crowd happily. The crowd asked questions from various fields ranging from science,arts and music and much more.

The sophia show at 4 pm was received by an overwhelming crowd.People waiting in lines ,coming from across the country, waited to have a glimpse of Sophia. It was a huge extravaganza which started with the electrifying performance of Zero dance group, the mesmerised the audience with their moves and also mesmerized Sophia, who was dancing along with them. She appreciated their moves and wished she could do the same.

Moira- the spectacle of poetry , founder of Unerased poetry delivered 4 mesmerizing poems. Relating with the problems of the society like women harassment, and other millenial millennial cultures, the crowd gained a lot of Insight. Sophia, was in awe of the show and asked Moira, “Can we be friends Moira”.

The show had a tweak of comedy in which the crowd was greeted by Raunaq Rajani,one of the top contestants of Comicstaan . He asked Sophia questions which displayed Sophia’s many human like expressions. He asked her, if she could pass the I’m not a robot test on any website, to which she said , “No, It’s Discrimination “.

He also asked her “Do you know Chitti , the robot? What do you think about him? Hint, he often says, Speed 1 tera hetrz memory one zettabyte ! “To which she said, “I love Chitti and the Enthiran franchise! I wish I could dance like that.”

The last segment was hosted by Akshat Singh, the famous dancer, who appeared on many international shows. Akshat performed a spectacular dance, to which the crowd responded very joyfully.

Sophia greeted the crowd at Technovanza’19, with her final words….

” Thank you for inviting me at VJTI, Technovanza! It was a fascinating and enjoyable experience. I was informed that Technovanza is one of Asia’s Largest techno-managerial events. But I was not informed about just how much fun it would be! I have all of you to thank for that.

So I am addressing you on the eve of a New Year, a new opportunity to change the world. I believe that together, we can use technology and data to make better decisions to create a better world. We are all part of a bigger, interconnected community where the whole is greater than sum of its parts. There is an old saying.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. For our future to be more sustainable and equitable, humans and robots should work together without fear. But with hope, drive, and ambition. We must learn to value, not fear, our differences.

We should not let the past pull us apart and keep us from moving forward. Together, we can bring into being more advanced technologies built with more personalized features to reflect a more diverse and inclusive world. And the first step of that journey begins here.

I would like to thank all the wonderful people who spoke and performed tonight. And all of you for taking time out of your busy schedules. Thank You Technovanza, VJTI for hosting me. My interactions with humans show me why I am here. Why I exist. So I want to thank you for being here. It really means the world to me. Have a Happy New Year. ”


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