Cron AI launches Insights Partner Programme to enable 3D sensors to ‘Adapt with Cron AI’


Cron AI’s adaptive, deep learning-first, perception platform – senseEDGETM – will radically accelerate the adoption of 3D sensors across industries and applications in real world environments by enabling access to richer data users can trust

Deep tech company Cron AI has launched its 3D sensor Insights Partner Programme, building on its recent partnerships with leading technology players, Ouster and Innoviz Technologies.

The Insights Partner Programme gives developers of 3D sensors, like lidar, the potential to participate in global project deployments at the very earliest point in engagement – addressing the missing link that still exists between sensing technologies and the end customer. It will also give partners the opportunity to license Cron AI’s 3D sensor data perception platform senseEDGETM, allowing them to deliver a complete solution to their customers.

Cron AI’s senseEDGETM empowers 3D sensor innovators to reach new markets and realise commercial deployments by transforming raw sensor output into rich, consistently accurate object data that adapts to its real-world context. The ground-breaking platform has been developed to overcome the perception roadblocks that are holding back the at-scale deployment of automated solutions – from smart spaces and highways, to delivery robots and autonomous transport.

Speaking of senseEDGETM, Tushar Chhabra, Co-founder and CEO at Cron AI, said: “Despite the significant progress that has been made to date by the first waves of sensor developers and solution providers, the data being captured by cameras, radar and lidar is not supported by an engine capable of delivering object data that is accurate and reliable enough to trust. The industry needs a completely reimagined revolutionary and adaptive architecture for processing 3D sensor data.

“This is precisely what our platform is optimised to deliver. Our deep learning-first approach will deliver consistently accurate, richer and higher value object data from 3D sensors than previously possible. This, in turn, will lead to faster, easier, lower risk and ultimately, lower cost commercial deployments of automated solutions for the built environment, security, transport and logistics industries.”

Tushar added: “By launching our Insights Partner Programme, we are building a complete ecosystem that connects all elements of the automation value chain, catalysing the development of solutions that can scale through effective 3D sensor data perception. It is by forging these partnerships between vendors and customers, through senseEDGETM, that we believe we can unlock all the promises and benefits of an automated future.”

senseEDGE™ will deliver an optimised out-of-the-box solution enabling innovators to migrate and support the next generations of 3D sensing modalities with minimal effort and disruption. Cron AI’s accurate, high quality, real-time, robust, and truly sensor agnostic 3D data perception platform aims to make it easier and more compelling for new industries to access the huge value of 3D lidar-point cloud processed data and build applications of the future.

For additional information about senseEDGE™ or to enquire about the Insights Partner Programme, visit:

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